Button requirements


Basically, the button could be styled anyway which is appropriate for your website's style guidelines. However, there are several requirements:

  • Equal prominence: The button visually should not be in obvious disadvantage before other third party sign-in options

  • Not misleading: The button must not confuse the end-user about what it does (e.g. The button should not redirect to another website or take other action that is not the main purpose of the button)

  • Use provided logo: If Any other third party sign-in option has a logo next to the button you must include the One account logo in a similar manner as other options

  • It is highly recommended to include the "Secure" word in the button title/value in order to highlight the difference of this library however this is not mandatory.

Logos can be found in the jsDeliver CDN: https://www.jsdelivr.com/package/npm/oneaccount?path=dist‚Äč

If you use SVG you can easily change the color of the logo using CSS:

svg > g > path {
fill: green;

Or change the SVG itself. NOTE: the logo should not be changed, only colors or size